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Our goal is to provide you the most delicious meals. We aim to nourish your body and soul while maintaining optimal health .

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Happy Clients

I was years into my vegetarian lifestyle by the time I met Adi. I used to loathe cooking, but after tasting her AMAZING vegan meals, I wanted to learn to like cooking and how to transition to full vegan. She really helped me with my journey and now I actually enjoy cooking! And she still takes time to answer my questions like how to make healthier substitutes for recipes I find. She is a master of her craft, a patient teacher, and when you try her meals, it will "Taste Like More!"


Adi had come to our home numerous time to cook for my husband and I. Due to allergies and sensitivities, she's been modifying recipes so that I can eat them and not be sick. Her food is so good that my guests have asked for her recipes in the past!
we look forward to having Adi cook for us in December again. Thank you Adi!

Helene Caron

Having Adi help in the kitchen felt like a dream come true! She was extremely professional to deal with, she worked quickly and calmly, and left our kitchen spotless when she was done. For anyone needing some extra assistance with healthy, wholesome, plant based meal prep, Adi is the one to call!

Alicia Chapman


Food for Your Soul

About Adi 

I am a plant based chef , a mom of two lovely kids with a passion for bringing you the most comforting and nourishing meals that will make you feel at home . Growing up in Israel and Mexico, as well as traveling in India and settling in Canada exposed me to a wide variety of flavors and spices and inspired me to create amazing new dishes .

 I worked in a well known Hummus restaurant in Israel and got inspired from the different middle eastern flavors and spices. Health, freshness, and unbeatable flavor are the three cornerstones for every one of my culinary creations. Cooking for a client’s health is a passion of mine, and I am a firm believer in the idea that plant foods have the power to heal our bodies. With my freshly cooked plant based meals as well as lots of raw meals , I was able to successfully improve my health , alleviate the symptoms I was experiencing and to completely heal some of them. After that I decided I want to help others create the same improvements and to heal their bodies and souls . All my meals are made with high-quality, fresh and healthy ingredients to ensure got get all the health benefits .As a part of my mission, I have created many workshops of plant based healthy cooking and now I am excited to cater and meal prep for clients who wish to eat healthy and delicious foods.


The creator of Veggilicious Catering

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